New Jersey Traffic Laws and Penalties

Hey, you! Are you a driver in New Jersey? Then it’s important to know the laws and penalties regarding traffic violations in the Garden State. Whether you’re just getting your license or have been on the road for years, this article will provide an overview of what to expect when navigating traffic out and about in NJ.

New Jersey Traffic Laws and Penalties Type

In New Jersey, traffic law violations come with a range of penalties that may include fines, points added to your license, and possible driver’s license suspension. Here is an overview of the different types of NJ traffic violations:

Careless Driving: Careless driving can mean anything from weaving in and out of lanes at high speeds to running red lights or stop signs. In New Jersey, careless driving is a 4-point violation and is punishable by fines of up to $200.

Reckless Driving: Reckless Driving is a far more serious offense in New Jersey than careless driving. It includes excessive speeding, dangerous turns, or passing another vehicle in an unsafe manner. This type of driving puts others at risk and will result in 5 points on your license, fines of up to $500, and possibly a 30-day suspension.

Driving Without Insurance: Driving without proper insurance coverage in New Jersey is a serious offense. If pulled over by law enforcement, you will be fined $300-$1,000 and have your license suspended for one year.

Texting While Driving: Texting and driving is an incredibly dangerous practice. In New Jersey, texting while driving can result in fines of up to $400 and 3 points on your license.

Driving While Intoxicated: Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal everywhere and can be especially dangerous in New Jersey. If caught, you will face serious consequences including a 6-month driver’s license suspension, fines of up to $400, and possible jail time.

How long do 5 points stay on your license in NJ?

In New Jersey, when you commit a traffic violation, points are added to your driving record. If you accumulate 5 points, it’s essential to know that these points will not stay on your license indefinitely. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) deducts up to three points from your record for every year you go without a violation or suspension. However, the points will remain visible on your record, but they won’t count toward suspension considerations.

How can I get 6 points off my license in NJ?

If you’ve accumulated 6 points or more within a three-year period, you’ll receive a surcharge. To reduce these points, you can:

  1. Stay Violation-Free: As mentioned earlier, for every year you go without a violation, three points will be deducted.
  2. Defensive Driving Programs: Completing a state-approved defensive driving course can deduct two points from your record. However, this can only be done once every five years.
  3. Driver Improvement Programs: If you’re at risk of suspension due to point accumulation, you might be offered this program. Successful completion can result in a three-point reduction.


  • Over 10,000 New Jersey drivers complete defensive driving courses each year to reduce points.

How long do tickets stay on the driving record in NJ?

  • Duration: 5 years for moving violations.
  • Serious Offenses: DUIs can remain for a longer period.


  • Over 20% of New Jersey drivers have at least one ticket on their driving record.

How much is a traffic ticket in court in NJ?

  • Minor Offenses: $50 to $200
  • Severe Violations: Can run into the thousands.


What happens if you go over 100?

  • Fines: Hefty fines that can exceed $500.
  • Points: A significant number of points are added to your license.
  • License Suspension: High likelihood.
  • Jail Time: Possible in extreme cases.


  • Less than 1% of speeding tickets in New Jersey are for speeds over 100 mph.

Do points go away on the NJ license?

  • Point Reduction: Up to three points are deducted each year without a violation.
  • Visibility: Points remain visible but don’t count toward suspension.


  • Approximately 5% of New Jersey drivers get their points reduced each year.

How many points do you need to lose your license in NJ?

  • Point Limit: 12 points.
  • License Suspension: Mandatory at 12 points.


  • Around 2% of New Jersey drivers face license suspension due to point accumulation each year.

How many points are you allowed on your license in NJ?

  • Initial Penalties: Start at 6 points within three years.
  • Suspension Risk: At 12 points.


  • The average New Jersey driver has approximately 4 points on their license.

How long does a suspended license stay on your record in NJ?

  • Duration: 3 to 5 years, depending on the severity.


  • Over 3,000 licenses are suspended in New Jersey each year for various reasons.

Can you go to jail for careless driving in NJ?

  • Fines: Yes
  • Points: Yes
  • Jail Time: Up to 15 days, rare for first-time offenders.


  • Less than 1% of careless driving cases result in jail time.

What is the two-second rule in driving NJ?

  • Rule: Maintain at least a two-second gap from the vehicle in front.
  • Purpose: Allows ample time to react to sudden stops or emergencies.


  • Following the two-second rule can reduce rear-end collisions by up to 90%.

FAQs – People Also Ask

Q1: What is the most likely punishment for a traffic violation?

Ans: The punishment for a traffic violation in New Jersey can range from fines to loss of license. In general, punishments tend to increase with the severity of the violation and may include jail time.

Q2: How many points is a traffic violation in NJ?

Ans: The amount of points assessed for a traffic violation depends on the severity of the offense. Generally, minor violations such as failing to yield carry 2-3 points while major offenses like DUI can result in up to 6 points.

Q3: What is the penalty for 39 4 144 in NJ?

Ans: According to New Jersey Statute 39:4-144, if a driver is convicted of violating the right-of-way of an emergency vehicle, they can face fines up to $500.

Q4: What traffic violation has the most points?

Ans: Generally, DUI has the highest amount of points assigned with 6 points added to your license. However, other violations such as reckless driving, driving without a license, or eluding the police can also result in 6 points.

Q5: Which class of violation is the most serious?

Ans: Class A violations are generally considered to be the most serious traffic offenses and carry up to 6 points on your license. These include DUI, driving while suspended, careless driving, and eluding the police.

Q6: What state has the highest fine for speeding?

Ans: The fines for speeding vary by state, but California is generally considered to have the highest fines with first-time offenses ranging from $238 to $489 for speeds up to 15mph over the limit depending on the location.

Q7: What is the second most common violation next to speeding?

Ans: The second most common violation after speeding is running a red light. In New Jersey, this can result in 2-4 points on your record and fines up to $200.

Q8: What gives the most points on your license?

Ans: Generally, DUI violations carry the most points on a license with 6 points added. Other major violations such as reckless driving, eluding the police, and driving while suspended can also result in 6 points.

Q9: What is a NJ moving violation?

Ans: A moving violation is any traffic offense that occurs while the vehicle is in motion. In New Jersey, common moving violations include speeding, reckless driving, improper lane change, and failure to yield.

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